Sandy Bechard


Sandy’s personable approach to teaching will make you feel at home and at ease immediately. Whether new to the practice or a seasoned practitioner she will meet you where you are. Sandy’s creative play lists will help move you through a innovative flow. Her classes will challenge you and honor you. There are always modifications and a big reminder to listen to YOUR authentic self and what YOU need from your practice today. Sandy brings a message to class sometimes delivered with humor and other days with deep passion. Sandy’s love for people and yoga comes across in all of her classes. You will feel comfortable to ask questions and to dig deep into your practice as well as back off if that is what you need on that day.

Sandy’s background is in Iyengar yoga, so alignment is an important part of her teaching. Her initial teacher training was with Jacquie Bonwell, and the Sacred Seeds School where she was certified in teaching vinyasa flow. Since then she continues to broaden her studies. She has taken two teacher work shops with Seane Corn, along with work shops with Sadie Nardini and Amy Wren. She loves to take classes in different cities with a variety of different teachers.

So whether it is her invigorating “Vinyasa Flow” or her nurturing “restorative” class, you will leave feeling good in your mind, body and spirit!