Bryson Hopkins


Bryson began her yoga practice over 12 years ago as a weekend warrior. She explored Ashtanga, Bikram and Hatha yoga styles. In 2009 she discovered heated vinyasa and knew she was ready for more dedicated study. Initially drawn to the physical benefits and the cleansing heat she was soon grateful for how the vinyasa flow help calm her mind. Bryson was intrigued to learn more about yoga and with the support of master teachers like Richard Lanza, Stephanie Brown-Ford and Jacqui Bonwell, she came to better understand and appreciate the true healing powers of yoga practice.

Bryson has completed two 200 hour teacher trainings recognized by Yoga Alliance; Open Doors Power Yoga in Boston and Sacred Seed Yoga School completed in Portland Maine. She is what her teacher Jacqui calls a foot soldier of yoga and loves to share what she continues to learn. Bryson appreciates that every day we start again as beginners and she teaches an approachable class with a focus on fundamentals, a light hearted flow and spirited playlists. She is very thankful to both practice and teach in the Greener Postures Yoga community.