Terri Patterson


Terri’s first yoga experience was a prenatal class that she took when pregnant with her oldest son in 2001. From that very first class, she knew there was something special about yoga that spoke to her like nothing else had. With a history of multiple knee injuries and surgeries, she found in yoga a place of solace where she could be physically challenged while mentally and emotionally letting go. Yoga offered the space to connect mind and body and to soften the sharper edges of everyday life.

She is passionate about helping others discover yoga for themselves. Her goal is to teach classes that are transformative, challenging, nurturing, and fun. In 2013 she received her 200 hour yoga certification under the direction of Jacqui Bonwell - a very powerful inspiration. In addition to Jacqui, she is also tremendously grateful to all of life’s teachers, both off and on the mat. Without the love, acceptance, and patience of her family, she would would have never landed on her mat in the first place.