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Sutra Bowl with Jacqui Bonwell

Sutra Bowl

with Jacqui Bonwell


Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 


West Falmouth

All of the Sutra interpretations (ok, not all, but a lot of them) can just stop with the drama. They are quite simple teachings that can be a profound compliment to the way we reframe our thoughts, understand ourselves and carry on with some kind of freedom. Jacqui works toward providing an intimate insight into the teachings of Patanjali. She comes from the best perspective of being interested, grateful and suspect which allows for some real, gritty investigation. Jacqui has gone Sutra by Sutra and looked at the teachings in the simplest light. She shows us that the Sutras can be a compliment to whatever you believe. That they seem to have no agenda other than for you to get on board with you, and THAT can be of great service to us all. Join us for a heartfelt look from an incredible, lifelong teacher at all 4 Chapters in vinyasa & meditation format.