Olivia Testa


Olivia found the practice of yoga during her graduate studies at UNE while pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work. What started as a self-care routine soon became a way of being in the world for Olivia. She quickly recognized the healing magic yoga cultivates within and began to use the practice on and off the mat. Olivia found connection, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and the ability to take a pause as she began to witness and embrace the teachings of this sacred practice. Olivia will meet you where you are and offer a soulful flow that allows space for finding the balance between holding on and letting go. Olivia aims to create a nurturing environment for you to simply ‘be’ in your body and connect your breath with movement. With her current work revolving around social justice it is important to Olivia to create a safe space where all are welcomed in order to empower individuals and begin the true work of peeling back the layers. Olivia will see you, and honor you as you are.

Olivia received her 200-hour Jennie Ferrare through Arcana’s Bliss Body School of Yoga. Olivia credits her teachers for their constant guidance and support along the way, including, Kelly Rich, Jennie Ferrare, and all of the Greener Postures community.