Lydia Burnham


Bio Lydia began to practice yoga because she needed it, not because the movement came naturally. Over the years, and to her great surprise, the yoga became part of her nature. She still practices out of necessity, but also out of curiosity and love. As a runner and a mom to young boys, Lydia is accustomed to showing up on the mat with all manner of aches, or angst. Yoga helps in the healing, and it brings wisdom in movement, muscle, and mind. In class, Lydia offers clear directives and a flow that is accessible to the every-body. She has been teaching since 2010 after receiving her 200-hour certification from CorePowerYoga in Denver, Colorado. She hails from New Gloucester, Maine, and has had the pleasure of both teaching and practicing in several Maine studios. She is grateful to all the students and fellow teachers who have supported her, challenged her, and offered a steadying hand, both on and off the mat.