Lisa Sawyer


Lisa found herself at her first yoga class in 2008. After spending the majority of the class in childs pose, Lisa found the power of her breath and hasn’t looked back since. She began practicing regularly at Greener Postures in 2010 where she connected most deeply with herself; finding confidence, peace, and freedom. Yoga has created a unique and special journey for Lisa, one where she continues to feel empowered and inspired.

Lisa is most thankful for the beautiful and influential teachers in her life: Lydia Lobozzo Burnham who encouraged her to get onto her mat; Jacqui Bonwell who pushed her beyond what she thought she was ever capable; the entire Greener Postures teaching staff who have taught her most importantly how to practice yoga off the mat by sharing love, joy, and gratitude with those surrounding her.

Lisa hopes to share her journey of yoga by empowering others to feel that same love, joy, and gratitude within themselves so that they to can pass it along to those they come in contact with. She brings a lighthearted energy to her classes and aims to be as relatable as possible with her students. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Jacqui Bonwell in 2013 and is committed to exposing herself to various workshops and instructors in the future to be the best teacher she can be. She truly feels honored and incredibly blessed to be teaching in the Greener Postures Community!