Jared Payton


Jared found his way to a yoga mat in 2002. As a self-described "glutton for punishment", the heat and intensity of Bikram yoga served as his gateway into the practice of yoga. After several years, Jared found himself burnt out on the practice and transitioned to the tatami mats at his local Aikido dojo. Training intensely, Jared began to understand more deeply the lessons he had begun to learn on his yoga mat — how breath can impact the body in movement and at rest, as well as the mind body and spirit. Jared returned to his yoga mat several years ago to better understand how his movement practices impacted and improved each other. He found that the yoga mind helped him better connect and execute movement more cleanly with training partners, while the Aikido mind helped him to find more quiet and subtle body movement on his yoga mat. Jared enjoys the opportunities to bring these lessons to his students.

Jared completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training in May, 2016 through Boston Yoga School under the tutelage of Ame Wren and Terry Cockburn. Jared achieved his black belt rank in Aikido in 2015 through the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.