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We celebrate each person who is willing to come through our doors and join us in the joyful yoga experience. Our goal is for each student to step away feeling more open, balanced, and strong as well as relaxed as they travel along their unique path.

Heated Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga is Greener Postures signature class. Increased energy and stamina; improved muscle tone, digestion, and concentration; and enhanced relaxation and ability to deal with life’s daily stresses are among the benefits of this practice style. Throughout the week we also offer slower classes taught at a comfortable warm room temperature which include Yin, Restorative, Deep Stretch, Slow Flow, Roll and Renew and Pre-Natal. We provide a welcoming place for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner.


Yoga Studio Policies


  • Leave shoes in the lobby before entering the studio and the changing areas

  • Be sure you have checked in with the front desk before taking class

  • Silence your cell phone/noise-making devices and leave them in the lobby

  • Use your ‘inside’ voice throughout the studio

  • Do your best to arrive on time & stay through class

  • Keep changing rooms free of personal belongings and your shower time to a minimum

  • Be mindful to not enter/leave during OM’s. If you must step out of class, try to do so during a more active part of the practice and before savasana (final pose)

  • Open up space for others in the studio

  • Double-check that you have your belongings, our lost and found items are donated monthly

  • Enjoy your practice 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Practice Yoga?

Our classes are open to practitioners 14 years old or older. Those students under 18 are required to have the waiver signed by their legal guardian.

Save some time — download our waiver to fill out and bring with you on your first visit!

When to Arrive

Please come 15 minutes early for your first visit to give yourself time to fill out a first time waiver and tour the studio.


What to Expect

Most of our Vinyasa classes are heated to above 90 degrees with raised humidity. Practitioners find it easy to breathe in our studios and feel their practice is supported by the heat. Be sure to hydrate before, during, and after class.

The majority of our classes are a heated Vinyasa flow which can be quite physical but we always encourage practitioners to rest when needed! We strive to create a laid back, friendly atmosphere where everyone, regardless of yoga experience, feels welcome.

If you have not practiced heated Vinyasa yoga before we encourage you to start with a Fundamentals or Community Class. We also offer classes taught with the room at a comfortable warm room temperature. These include deep stretch, Yin, slow flow, restorative, roll-renew, and Pre-Natal. Check out our class descriptions below for more details.

What to Eat Before a Yoga Practice

Hydration is most important. Drink water. Avoid heavy eating. There is usually no need to consume any special food.

What to Bring

Yoga mat, towel, and water: We do rent towels and mats for a $1 each and sell boxed water for $2. For your first visit, mat rentals are on the house.


What to Wear

During your practice you will want to have bare feet and wear exercise apparel that is suitable for sweating and allows unencumbered movement.

How Often to Practice Yoga

Regular practice as with most things in life leads to success. Practicing in a studio with guidance three times a week is suggested. Working with a teacher helps ensure safety, productivity, and growth. Additional home practice is beneficial. There is benefit from any amount or level of effort. Do what you can.

How Long Will I be a “Beginner”?

It has been said that you are beginner at yoga for at least ten years. Rather than finding this a source of frustration, find it liberating. Find joy and benefit by keeping the mind of the beginner. Be open and eager and set aside preconceptions.

What If I Am Not Flexible?

Great! All the more for you to gain. We start where we are. We gain from whatever amount our bodies safely allow.


We have a full schedule of yoga classes at both our South Portland and West Falmouth studios. This is what’s on for today and tomorrow!


The Heart of Yoga in Maine

A bit about us!

South Portland Studio Opened May 22, 2010

West Falmouth Studio Opened October 13, 2012

The talented architect and artist Jenny Scheu, a family friend of Heidi’s, was so gracious to draw up the plans for both our dream studios. Our vision allowed us to create studios that are light, airy, peaceful, zen and that have positive energy. Several of our family members and friends helped us with everything from floor plans to staining doors, installing bamboo flooring and baseboard, sewing curtains etc. All their dynamic energy is in the space as well.

The South Portland location is approximately 3,000 sq. ft. and West Falmouth 4,000 sq. ft. Our West Falmouth location has a large studio for heated classes and a smaller studio for unheated offerings. Both studio locations include private changing rooms, private bathrooms, and showers. We have large entryways with plenty of seating, room for personal belongings and yoga apparel, accessories and books for sale. The spaciousness of our studios lend to smooth traffic flow and an easy transition from your yoga class to the rest of your day.

It was also our mission to use as many renewable, recycled and pre-owned materials as possible. Wanted Greener Postures to be "greener" – emotionally, physically, as well as environmentally.

South Portland Studio 740 Broadway

West Falmouth Studio 65 Gray Rd.


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