Vibrational Yoga

Hear from Spirit and Deepen your Soul

with Melissa Boyd
Saturday, May 5, 2018
1:00 - 4:30 PM
West Falmouth
Register Online $60

Yoga and Intuition opens hearts and quiets minds. Join me for this 3.5 hour workshop. Participants will explore their intuitive selves through Yoga. We will practice the art of listening to the body and mind while deepening our connection with the spiritual realm. This practice, based in Iyengar, allows each person to deepen into each pose and open. The workshop is infused with understanding chakra’s, auras and quantum living in a linear world. There is no requirement just a desire to connect to your body and breathe. Those new to yoga are welcome to attend. Handouts and soul tools will be provided. After yoga there will be a short snack break and the day will end with messages from the spirit world as I will channel loved ones who have crossed over as well as provide information about life paths and opportunities to be more present.

Vibrational Investment is $60, and includes yoga, gift bag for soul development, messages from spirit, vibrational water, chakra clear and snack.