Private yoga sessions are designed to give you the blueprints necessary to develop both a powerful and sustainable asana practice. Private instruction is a good fit for you if you are looking to break new ground through deeper and more challenging postures, learn modifications for an injury or pregnancy, learn safe alignment techniques for common poses in a vinyasa class, or simply to have the undivided attention of an instructor.

Do you have questions? Or are you new to yoga and curious about what to expect during your first class? The session can be tailored to suit your needs. Drawing from many different schools of thought, private yoga sessions can include hands-on assists, personalized sequences, and undivided attention to your practice.


All sessions will be held in our West Falmouth studio in Chandra and are limited to four people at a time for one hour sessions.

$85 One-on-one Session
$100 2 people
$115 3 people
$130 4 people
No more than 4 people
Portland Yoga props and classes


Ally will be on maternity leave until 9/1/2017. To schedule a session, email Bethany.

1-on-1 yoga sessions Portland, ME

Ally Nye
On maternity leave until 9/1/2017

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