South Portland Studio

Opened May 22, 2010

We were lucky enough to be the first tenants of this space. The talented architect and artist Jenny Scheu, a family friend of Heidi’s, was so gracious to draw up the plans for our dream studio. We were not only able to build out a studio to our specifications, but more importantly, we were able to create the energy of the space. Our vision allowed us to create a studio that is light, airy, peaceful, zen and that has positive energy. Several of our family members and friends helped us with everything from floor plans to staining doors, installing bamboo flooring and baseboard, sewing curtains etc. All their dynamic energy is in the space as well.

The South Portland location is approximately 3,000 sq. ft. It includes six private changing rooms as well as four private bathrooms, two of which have showers. We have a large entryway with plenty of seating, room for personal belongings and yoga apparel, accessories and books for sale. The spaciousness of our studio lends itself to smooth traffic flow and an easy transition from your yoga class to the rest of your day.

It was also our mission to use as many renewable, recycled and pre-owned materials as possible. The flooring of our studio is highly renewable bamboo. We purchased preowned sinks, mats, blocks, computer, furniture, fans, as well as ceiling speakers. Our ceiling tiles and paper products are made out of 75% recycled materials. We wanted Greener Postures to be "greener" – emotionally, physically, as well as environmentally.

West Falmouth Studio

Opened October 13, 2012

During our first two years running the South Portland studio we witnessed how important it was for people to have yoga in their lives and make their personal well-being a priority. The Greener Postures community continued to grow and we were fortunate enough to be in a position to open a second location. Jenny Scheu once again worked her architect magic and with the amazing Wright Ryan construction team they helped us transform a nail salon and empty dry cleaners into a 4,000 sq. foot space. The result was another airy, light and peaceful environment for students to practice.

With more square footage we were able to build a large studio for heated classes and a smaller studio for classes including restorative, prenatal, kids, privates and yoga series.

Our West Falmouth location has several cubbies to store personal belongings, five changing rooms, six private bathrooms, five of which have showers. This location also has a large inviting entry for easy traffic flow whether you are checking out all the yoga retail or sitting on our large wooden swing before or after class.

It was also our mission to use as many renewable, recycled and pre-owned materials as possible when designing our two locations. The flooring at both studios is highly renewable bamboo. Between the two studios we purchased preowned sinks, mats, blocks, computers, and furniture. Our intention is that Greener Postures is "greener" – emotionally, physically, as well as environmentally.