Baby & Me

Baby & Me Yoga is open to parents, caregivers (even grandparents) with children ages 3 weeks to active crawling. Bond with your baby and meet others with children the same age. This is an opportunity to connect back in with your yoga practice in a fun, new way or to try yoga for the first time as a new practitioner. In this series you will learn fun yoga poses to do with baby, gentle stretches to regain mobility in your body, start to strengthen your core after childbirth, and develop a practice that includes deep relaxation. Refresh, relax, and renew with your little one!

Body. Breath. Mind.

Body. Breath. Mind. is an energetic exploration of Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara. It has been said that, what Asana does for the body, breath (Pranayama) does for the mind. Class will begin by establishing a pure intention, a Sankulpa, to bring purpose to the practice. A conscious interaction with breath will be explored in Asanas (postures) to unify body with mind. The Asanas prepare the body for stillness and an opportunity to experience the breath on its own. Thus prepared, practice culminates in guided meditation to release all effort and gain mastery of your mind and body (Pratyahara).

Community Class

Community Class is taught by a newly trained instructor, and is slower than our all-levels Heated Vinyasa Flow class, making it great for beginners or people new to the studio. Come practice yoga at a discount — this class is only $7.

Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch blends elements of yang, yin, and restorative yoga and is a great compliment to our signature Heated Vinyasa Flow class. Deeper yoga sequences with longer holds that utilize many of our props bring balance in the yin and yang (physical and energetic) elements, relieving physical tension and relaxing the mind. Deep Stretch is accessible to all. Studio temperature will be warm to support a safe environment for becoming fully open. Props are provided.

Fundamentals Class

Fundamentals Class is ideal not only for new students, but also for more experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge of the basics of alignment and breath. Emphasis is placed on safe, effective alignment principles and a slower version of our flow. This can be a great stepping stone to our Heated Vinyasa Flow classes.

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Heated Vinyasa Flow is our all-levels class and designed for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. We flow through sun salutations, balancing postures, twists, backbends, abdominal exercises, as well as hip openers. We encourage students to flow at their own pace, modify and to rest when needed.


Mamaste Yoga is ideal for moms of all sorts, whether you have a baby or a teenager at home, this class will offer strategies to help you build strength and focus on and off your mat. Pregnancy not only impacts the muscles that support your physical core but also redefines a woman's spiritual core. The goal is to work with both these areas. Physically, class will aid in restoring core and stabilizing muscles which facilitates the breath and posture, then integrate pelvic floor exercises. Each class will offer strategies and discussion about the balance between motherhood and womanhood, 'off the mat' motivation and support to find time for yourself, love and appreciate your body and spirit. This class will be offered monthly in West Falmouth during the school year. All-levels welcome.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a weekly class designed to develop mindful awareness and compassionate curiosity, tools that help us relate with more balance, compassion, and wisdom to what's happening in our life and the world around us. Meditation has been proven to cultivate emotional flexibility, improve memory and learning, boost immunity, and bring deeper understanding and kindness to ourselves and our relationships. With introductory meditations suitable for anyone, this class is grounded in Mindfulness Meditation and includes brief gentle seated stretching to aid a comfortable sit, a 30min guided meditation, readings for contemplation, and time for personal reflection/group discussion. Coming together to practice as a community offers encouragement and support. No experience is necessary!


Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness. It is intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. This guided class empowers students to eliminate unconscious obstructions and energetic blocks in order to life to the fullest. Through regular practice, Yoga Nidra enables you to effortlessly realize your intentions and achieve an integrated state in which your body moves towards self-healing. This is a monthly class held the first Friday of every month, September through May.


Prenatal Yoga classes provide a time and space to quiet the mind and connect with your body and growing baby. These classes are designed to help prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for the process of childbirth. Class focuses on breath awareness through energetic and restorative postures in a safe, supportive environment. We strive to honor the changing needs of pregnancy through modifications and instruction on proper anatomical alignment. This is a safe open community, which allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing. All levels and all stages of pregnancy are welcome.


Restorative yoga classes are designed to open the body passively and to find a deep sense of relaxation. Using props as necessary, which include bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps, the poses are held for longer periods than Vinyasa classes or other active types of yoga, many times for several minutes. By working with the force of gravity, muscles can release tension and provide the body the opportunity to focus on the breath and the release of daily stress. These classes are offered in a warm quiet room and are ideal for all-levels and especially to people new to yoga.

Roll and Renew

Roll and Renew will teach you to put the power of self-massage in your own hands using therapy balls to release your myofascia from head to toe. The sequences taught in class will help you to release trigger points in your body, improve mind-body connectivity and create profound relaxation. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioner, and anyone looking to erase pain and release stress through self-care. You will feel better in your body and improve your performance on and off the yoga mat. No yoga experience necessary and balls are provided if needed. This is a monthly class, held in South Portland the last Friday of the month, September through May.

Unheated Slow Flow

Unheated Slow Flow is a blend of softer, gentler flow mixed with specific alignment cueing. This is a deep, full practice that's accessible to beginners or seasoned practitioners and provides plenty of challenge and support to both. Modifications and props are offered to students building strength or working with limitations and with time to slow down and explore specific poses, all levels of yogi will get something out of this class.

Yin Yoga & Meditation

Yin Yoga & Meditation is equal parts science and spirit. Using stillness and passive long holds in floor poses, Yin strengthens, lengthens, and hydrates the connective tissues throughout the body including the bones, fascia, and especially in our joints, areas critical to maintaining proper mobility and flexibility as we age. Meditation improves the health of your brain and immune system, reduces blood pressure, and brings more awareness and energy to enjoy life. Yin yoga works your body's "other half" making it a great complement to classes with moving flow. Add this class to your weekly schedule to transform body, mind and spirit. No experience necessary!